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Scyber VPN Router

● 100% No Logging Policy● Safe, Secure & Private Network● Plug & Play VPN Router

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Why Us?

Unlimited Streaming

We do not limit upload or download speeds, so that you might not experience any buffering troubles whilst you are looking your preferred TV Shows online.

Protect all your devices

Streaming, gaming and surfing the web? You can use a couple of gadgets at the equal time. Either you've got a big own family, pals touring or a small business we cover it all.

Bypass ISP Blocks

Bypass all ISP related blocks, throttling and do whatever you want to do on the web without your ISP keeping an eye on you.

Why Choose Scyber VPN Router?


Protects everything

Our Scyber VPN Router protects all your devices when connected & Provides a shield for even those devices which do not have a dedicated app to run such as PlayStation, Kodi, Roku, Xbox and more. If they are connected to the Wi-Fi, be assured that they are well-protected

Get Better Security

With Scyber VPN Router, enhance security on your internet network. Not just the devices that have the VPN app, but all others too that have internet accessibility. Free yourself from the worry of forgetting to connect to a VPN server because you always have security from scratch!


Easy Setup

With our amazing User Interface all you need to do is connect our Scyber VPN Router to your existing ISP Router/Modem/Hub and login, choose server and connect. Simple as that.

Use more devices

Now protect each device connected to the Scyber VPN Router. No more hassle of downloading separate apps on separate devices. Secure all your devices just by connecting it to Scyber VPN Router & avoid all the hassle.


Defeat censorship

Scyber VPN Router advanced VPN technology enables security, provides anonymity and allows you to defeat censorship on all your devices from anywhere in the world.

We have a plan for your needs



per month

£259 Billed £99 for every 1 Year

Free VPN Router worth £39

12 Months Subscription Included

Dual Band Router

Plug & Play

Free Shipping

100% No Log Policy



per month

£499 Billed £199 for every 3 Years

Free VPN Router worth £39

36 Months Subscription Included

Dual Band Router

Plug & Play

Free Shipping

100% No Log Policy



per month

£399 Billed £149 for every 2 Years

Free VPN Router worth £39

24 Months Subscription Included

Dual Band Router

Plug & Play

Free Shipping

100% No Log Policy

1040+ servers in 61+ countries.

Connect to our high-speed servers and get unlimited, anonymous access to geo-restricted content from anywhere.

Where are our servers located?

    United States
    United Kingdom
    Singapore & more


Our clients love us as we provide them the best VPN service

Amanda Jackson

Scyber VPN Router is the first solution that makes VPN usable for an average user like me. The possibility to combine different VPN providers and the ability to use bypass rules for those sites where you don't want to use it, all in a graphical interface that is easy to understand yet powerful.

James Gordons

The amazing Scyber VPN router that helped me unblock a lot of content and does what it says. It is a very small router but with some amazing features and I could set it up within 5 minutes as I only had to log in and connect to the servers. Super easy to set up and the router can be carried anywhere.

Lindcey Smith

Scyber VPN Router has great speed and low latency. I really like receiving notifications when a new device is discovered on my network, the pretty visualization of statistics and the use of different VPN Providers for certain devices.


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